Road Girls

Rock Girl is hitting the road!

Beginning in June 2015, we are embarking on a series of road trips for Rock Girls to interview girls around the country, document their stories with film and photography, then produce radio shows and photo exhibits upon their return.

These girls live on the frontlines in some of the most dangerous areas of South Africa. It has been difficult to continue meeting at the Manenberg People’s Center Library due to the near daily gunfights between rival gangs. In May, youth were locked down in their homes due to the presence of the SA Defense Force and SAPS searching for gangsters. Rock Girls are living in a war zone when safety is a few miles away.

It’s time to get away. Really get away. To see the country and build sisterhood with one another and with girls across South Africa.

We will be leaving the Cape Flats to visit remote villages, farms, coastal towns, and cities. We will interview and photograph women and girls along the way, creating pop-up exhibitions of photographs and stories in each community. The girls will finally have a chance to relax.  They will sleep under the stars, hike mountain trails and see elephants for the first time.Road Trip Map

Upon our return, Road Girls will share their work in Cape Town and they will mentor and train the next group of girls for our second road trip in October 2015 to the Northern Cape of South Africa.

Rock Girls have been trained by the Children’s Radio Foundation as youth reporters, by Iliso Labantu photographers in photography, and will receive training as tour guides upon their return to Cape Town so they can intern at hotels, galleries, and local businesses.




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