20 Safe Spaces Benches in 2011

What a year! Together, we have created real Safe Spaces for girls and women, and everyone, in Cape Town. Inspired by the courageous young women from Red River Primary School in Manenberg, we have installed 20 “Safe Space” one-of-a-kind public benches all across Cape Town, inspired artists and designers to raise resources for real safe spaces, like the stunning art room designed with the help of Cecile and Boyd Foundation at Red River School in Manenberg, and encouraged government officials, policy makers, and urban designers to advance the need for safe spaces and end violence against women and girls.

On Sunday, 4 December, Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille switched on the Festive Season lights at the Cape Town Train Station, where Rock Girl has placed six Safe Space benches as part of a group exhibition that will run until early 2012, signifying the start of the holiday season and challenging us all to keep our city safe.  On the same day, Rock Girl, with the support of Table Mountain National Park, placed benches on two of the three iconic mountains surrounding Cape Town: Lions Head and Table Mountain.  And we have ten more benches in the design phase that will be rolled out in the new year.  Let us know where the next Safe Space benches are needed – we are inspired by your ideas and creativity.

None of this would have been possible without your generous support and inspiration.  We thank you for all you have done and invite you to join us as the campaign continues to grow in 2012.  Please enjoy the images and story below from one of our most ardent supporters, Freeworld Design Centre/Plascon.

Red River Primary School in Manenberg’s art room is officially open.  The ceremony held last week Thursday was a day filled with a colour spectrum of happiness and excitement.

Inspired by the Grade 6 girls (with the help of Rock Girl) are leading a campaign to create safe spaces for themselves and their peers. The art room was funded by the Cecile & Boyd’s Design for Charity Foundation with the design direction coming from Boyd Ferguson and design execution by Mia van Wyk and our Tracy.
All the paint was sponsored by Plascon with colour serving as the main focus of this project.  The aim and hope is that the colours chosen as well as the rest of the decor within the space will have a positive influence psychologically on the kids.

At the opening the kids were addressed by American Consulate General, Erica Barks-Ruggles as well as South African runner Elana Meyer, who also cut the ribbon and declared the art room open.

The kids were treated to a little party where they could get acquainted with their new space and just enjoy the fruits of their labour; after which we the guests of honor, Elana Meyer, were treated to some sweet dance moves by the kids.  The rhythm surely got us cheering them on and enjoying the show.

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