A living example of Ubuntu

Juma Mkwela and Willard Kambeva, the founders of Jullard Creations, are living examples of ubuntu. A few years ago, after fleeing violence in Zimbabwe, their home country, they were living in Khayelitsha when anti-immigrant sentiment boiled over and their shacks were burned to the ground. But instead of fleeing again or fighting back, these two artists decided to share their story with kids around South Africa to build bridges instead of more walls. Rock Girl invited them to create two Safe Spaces benches and help Red River paint a mural on one of their many blank walls.

Willard and team arrived at Red River armed with paint and purpose – they brainstormed ideas with the learners for the mural then drew up a collaborative idea that was then transferred to the walls of the school. Learners of all ages were able to paint, draw, and create – and spend time with two extraordinary men.

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