BRAVE is a global movement dedicated to creating girl leaders.  BRAVE works with girls ages 12-18 in some of the most dangerous and underserved areas of South Africa.  BRAVE was founded by a group of ten year old girls from Manenberg, South Africa, in 2010 who wanted to make their school safer – and who called themselves Rock Girls after the anti-apartheid slogan used by women, “When you strike a woman, you strike a rock.”   Since then BRAVE has reached over 500 girls through its after school, weekend, and holiday programmes and camps, creating safe spaces for girls, engaging them in conversations about issues impacting youth and exposing them to opportunities to improve critical thinking skills, build camaraderie and gain the confidence to become resilient, engaged, informed citizens.  


BRAVE works closely with the art and design and travel industries, and the private sector, to find alternative, sustainable ways to continue their work, and to raise awareness in innovative, provocative ways.  BRAVE’s first Safe Spaces campaign led to the installation of 58 public Safe Space benches around South Africa to raise awareness about violence against girls and women.


Since 2015, BRAVE has helped girls travel thousands of kilometres across South Africa on annual road trips to interview, record, and give voice to the plight of South African girls, including the high rates of girls who are victims of gender-based violence and exposure to HIV and AIDS.  BRAVE helps girls gain agency so that they can overcome challenges they face.  BRAVE collaborates with our partners to improve the health, education, safety and economic situations of girls. 

The @InstaBRAVE2018 campaign is creating a network of women (and men) leaders who are committed to supporting and mentoring girl leaders.  Each month, BRAVE invites women who are leading the way in government, health, business, law, art and design, fashion, media and education to meet with girls to find ways to improve the environmental barriers that prevent girls from leading.   Our BRAVE network members use their influence to impact policies, services, and infrastructure to help girls lead, and to reduce violence against girls and women.  You can learn more about our growing network and join BRAVE by going to @InstaBRAVE2018.   #bebrave

All BRAVE’s initiatives are girl-led and designed in partnership with the Rock Girls.