BRAVE impact

BRAVE evaluates ourselves by the impact we have on individual girls’ lives, including their confidence, academic performance, self-esteem, and relationships with others, as well as the number of girls who we work with who continue their educations beyond secondary school. BRAVE also evaluates our impact on the perception that the wider world has of girls as leaders, and their commitment to creating policies in their own communities and institutions that help girls lead.


For girls to become leaders, they need the support of many people, as well as the right political, social, and environmental environments to help them succeed.  BRAVE seeks to provide that support in many ways.

Girls that participate in BRAVE Road Trips and programmes experience:

  •  Reduced risk of violence, and engaging in risky behaviour and improved feelings of safety and trust
  •  Increased resilience to trauma
  •  Increased self confidence
  •  Improved school attendance, performance and attitude

BRAVE is commited to creating girl leaders.  In order for girls to lead, they must first have “agency”: — what the Girl Effect describes as “the ability to make decisions about their own lives and to act on them — and that the environment around them allows them to exercise it.”  BRAVE helps girls make good decisions and ensures that others welcome girls as decision makers.

BRAVE focuses on helping girls become:

  • Educated
  • Healthy
  • Safe
  • Economically empowered

BRAVE does this by providing girls with opportunities to use their voice, to increase their self worth, and to build connections with other girls and adults who will support them.

BRAVE also helps girls overcome the larger social and environmental barriers to becoming leaders, shifting attitudes, policies, services, and infrastructure, as well as laws, to ensure girls have agency and can become leaders.  For example, BRAVE is working with organisations to help them enact internal policies that promote and respect women in the workplace, ensuring they are safe, are economically rewarded, have adequate health care and can become leaders.  Girls share their stories with us, informing our team about the challenges they face, then BRAVE mobilises our network to clear pathways for girls to move forward and thrive.