“Paul du Toit is fun”

“Paul du Toit is fun!” Ferlin, a learner from Red River stated the views of her peers after Paul’s first visit to the school! For the last few weeks, Paul has been collaborating with some of the grade 7 leaners on a variety of painting projects. Paul told the kids who and what inspired him – including Jean Michel Basquit’s story – and told his own inspiring journey to become an artist.

Then the fun began. With paint donated by Plascon, the students learned how to make their own paint brushes  out of sticks and old sponges and to use them to create amazing art. Together, Paul and the kids created trucks, people, and crazy creatures. The smile on Josh\s face when he shared his truck with the group says it all. Art is fun and it feels wonderful to create and collaborate!

A few weeks later, Paul identified some of the most promising artists to collaborate with him on an interactive painting at the Kidults opening at Freeworld Design Centre. The boys worked on one large canvas and the girls tackled the other one. These works will be auctioned off online later this year to raise additional funds for Rock Girl and the Safe Spaces Campaign. Check them out – they are pretty special!

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