Red River learners spent a few hours with Heath Nash

In late 2011, the Red River learners spent a few hours with Heath Nash, South Africa’s preeminent designer of gorgeous creations made from things from rubbish.  To participate, children had to bring in a brightly colored bottle or container from home.  Heath taught the learners how to cut the bottles into shapes to make chandeliers, light covers, and more.  Then he let the children go wild with the scissors and create their own designs.

With nothing more than a pair of scissors, plastic bottles, and a little imagination, the kids created Christmas ornaments, cars, irons, cups, bracelets, and even miniature stiletto heels.  When the “shoe designer” learned that being a shoe designer is a real career, you could almost see the lightbulbs going on in her head.  The children took their creations to the Freeworld Design Centre Christmas Market and sold them, along with paper mache bowls, to raise additional funds for art room supplies.  In early 2012, Heath will return to create two one-of-a-kind chandeliers with them.  One will have pride of place in the art room and the other will be auctioned off online to raise funds for Rock Girl.  Take a look at some of their work….

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