Rock Girl is a grassroots movement to inspire, encourage, and invest in girl-initiated and girl-focused projects in the private and public sectors.

Rock Girl connects girls and women to champions in government, business, the media, sports, fashion, and the arts who can help them design, implement, and fund their projects. Rock Girl seeks to reduce violence against women and girls through the creation of safe spaces.

Rock Girl empowers girls to stay in school and encourages women to become economically independent so that they can live healthy, risk-free lives.

Through Rock Girl’s initiatives, women and girls gain the self-confidence and skills needed to become agents of social change in their own lives.

Rock Girl engages boys and men in our efforts to create a safer South Africa.  We work at the front lines in the struggle to reduce violence against women and girls, and everyone.

South Africa has one of the highest incidences of rape and sexual violence on the continent. Two out of every five rape victims is a girl under the age of 17. Many girls and women – and boys – are not safe walking to and from school or work. Rock Girl was inspired by a group of Grade 7 girls (and boys) from Manenberg who decided to make their own school a safer, more beautiful place by creating a safe space – a bench – for girls. Together with their teachers, parents and caregivers, and Rock Girl, they are creating change. In response to these courageous young women, Rock Girl initiated its first campaign, “Safe Spaces”, a grassroots public art and education initiative in early 2011. The aim is to motivate for and to create safe places for girls and women in our schools, communities, city centres, transportation hubs – everywhere we live, work, and play.

Join us by contributing to the campaign and create your own safe space!