Safe Spaces Workshops

Safe Space workshops take place on Friday afternoons at the Rock Girl Safe Space room at Red River Primary School. Artists and designers are invited to share their passions with the learners and themes range from art to drama to dance. If you are interested in conducting a workshop, please contact us.

Red River Dream Pillow Workshop (insert date)

We all have dreams. Each day, we can do something that gets us closer to some of them. For the last few weeks, the Grade 7′s at Red River have been thinking about their own dreams… read the post.

Murals painting with Jullard Creations at Red River School (insert date)

Juma Mkwela and Willard Kambeva, the founders of Jullard Creations, are living examples of ubuntu.  A few years ago, after fleeing violence in Zimbabwe, their home country, they were living in Khayelitsha when anti-immigrant sentiment boiled over and their shacks were burned to the ground… keep reading.

Painting with Paul du Toit (insert date)

”Paul du Toit is fun!”   Ferlin, a learner from Red River stated the views of her peers after Paul’s first visit to the school!  For the last few weeks, Paul has been collaborating with some of the grade 7 leaners on a variety of painting projects… read the full post

Heath Nash workshop

In late 2011, acclaimed South African artist Heath Nash conducted a series of workshops with the Red River leaners. Heath shared his passion for creating fabulous objects from ordinary recycled items with the kids, then he let them go wild creating all sorts of things. Rock Girl favorites were bracelets, miniature irons and best of all, mini stilettos and takkies. The children also created Christmas ornaments and light bulb covers, which they sold at the Freeworld Christmas market in December 2011… read the full post.