We all have dreams…

We all have dreams. Each day, we can do something that gets us closer to some of them. For the last few weeks, the Grade 7′s at Red River have been thinking about their own dreams – for their school, their community, their families, but most importantly, for themselves. This is their last year at Red River before they head to college – so Rock Girl has been working with them to think about how to make their dreams a reality.

Two years ago, when we began working with this same group of learners, we asked them to share their dreams. Many of them could not express them and quite a few wanted to be “Rihanna” or “Beyonce” or “Shakira”. Admirable but not easy. This time, after many months of working together to transform their school and community, these same young people shared dreams of “becoming a doctor or nurse so I can help sick people”, and “I want to be a lawyer then the president”, and “I want to be a better person”.

The learners wrote down some of these dreams and put them inside pillows made with fabric donated by the Silk and Cotton Company. They cut, sewed, and glued them together and could take them home to place on their beds. Sadly, a few asked us to keep their pillows as they would not be safe at home.

That’s my dream for now: To ensure that these children and all others are safe at home, at school, and on the streets. I’m going to put it under my pillow tonight.

So…What’s your dream?

7 thoughts on “We all have dreams…

  1. In a few weeks time we will be launching a global marketplace full of empowering girls for girls. We would love to support you if you ever wish to sell those pillows to raise money for your worthy causes. Of you are interested please sign up on our website. I love love love what you are doing and what you stand for <3

    • Thanks Roberta! It is easy and loads of fun.

      1. Get fabric pieces large enough for the pillow you want to make – you can even cut up old t-shirts or clothing.
      2. Cut 2 squares the same size
      3. Stitch up three of the four sides of the pill
      4. With your friends or on your own, write out your dreams on slips of paper that you can then crumple up and place inside the pillow with some stuffing
      4. Sew up the fourth size
      5. Decorate with buttons, ribbons, or fabric pens as you want
      6. Place on your bed and sleep on your dreams
      7. Let us know if they come true!

      Please send a photo of you with your dream pillow!

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