BRAVE Leadership Team and Advisors

BRAVE advisors and team leaders bring together a diverse mix of talent, experience, passion, and cultures.  They are united by a deep commitment to helping girls lead.

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Lovell Friedman, Founding board member and mosaic artist and activist

Lynn Davis, CFO, CFO, Dubai World

Lauren Shantall, Founder, Lauren Shantell Communications

Karina Turok, Founding board member, photographer and activist

Lindy Rousseau, Sales and Markeing Director, Singita

Trevyn McGowan, GUILD founder

Sue Jaye Johnson, Filmmaker and author

Ferlin du Preez, founding Rock Girl

BRAVE team

India Baird, Founder and Director

Phiwe Badaza, Programme Coordinator

Lindeka Qampi, Photographer

Deputy Director/Adventure Coordinator

Coordinator, Digital Storytelling

Chief Operations Officer

BRAVE Interns

Administrative Assistant